Founded in February of 2008, 3 Rivers Services is committed to providing innovative quality engineering and design services to our clients while developing a productive long-term relationship. Serving Original Equipment Manufacturers and the Industrial sector, we can provide cost effective solutions to your engineering needs and challenges due to project specifications.

3 Rivers Services LLC. can help you transition to a brighter more profitable future with our turn-key Design/Build and Install services.Attention to detail is our signature for doing business.

"When I first started 3 Rivers Services in February of 2008, I had an experience that would ultimately define 3 Rivers Services.

I was to meet a friend of mine that owns an electrical services company one Friday evening. We were expected to meet between 5:oo and 5:30. At 6:30 when he still hadn't shown, I became concerned. I called his cell phone to see if he was still coming. When I reached him, he told me that he was changing a toilet seat for one of his customers.

A little confused, I asked why he was changing a toilet seat. He went on to explain that one of his customers had called him to replace the toilet seats in all of the stalls in their offices, as apparently one of their really good customers had "pinched" themselves on one of the seats earlier in the day. They then decided to replace every toilet seat in the office to ensure that their good customer would never see the offending toilet seats again.

I asked why an electrical contractor would replace toilet seats?" He laughed and said; "I've got'em right where I want them. It doesn't matter what the problem is. My client immediately calls me without giving a second thought as to what my company does, they just trust that I will fix the issue and they won't have to think about it again."

He later told me that as he was leaving that same evening, he noticed that their 25' lighted sign in front their business, was not lit. He stopped and without being asked, repaired the sign for his client and then went home for the day. We didn't make it out that evening, but I couldn't help but remember the conversation we had, and think about the trust that his customer had in him.

"Don't you want to be that guy?".. I asked myself

Our company has grown a group of incredibly good customer relationships, and that will be the way we conduct business in the future. My goal is to really know our clients and understand their needs, their goals are our goals." - John Hubbard - "Owner"

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